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Leadership Training Opportunities
Rotary is a large, global organization and at times it can seem complex. But Rotary is made up of individual men and women, each doing a small part. After all, our motto is “Service Above Self”. To those who are interested, Rotary offers many opportunities to learn more about Rotary, to interact with diverse clubs and to train to one day become more of a leader within the organization.

Rotary Leadership Training Institute
Every year, our district offers course at the Rotary Leadership Institute. This is a one day program offering interactive sessions on a variety of Rotary topics

District Assembly
Each district also offers a one day District Assembly for incoming board members or those considering becoming board members. The day consists of several breakout sessions to learn more about specific topics within Rotary, followed by some terrific key-note speakers and a delicious lunch

District Conference
Every year, in the spring, our district offers a 3 day/2 night conference which is usually held within the region. Participants can participate in some or all of the event. The conference is fantastic opportunity to meet Rotarians from other clubs as well as exchange students. Its also a great chance to learn more about Rotary and share ideas. There is a little time reserved at these events for socializing and wild hats and costumes are sometime known to spontaneously appear! Family member of all ages are welcome

Group Study Exchange:
Each fall a Rotarian is selected to lead a group of 4-6 local business leaders to another region of the world for a 30 day tour and exchange of ideas. A group of business leaders and a Rotarian from that host area then come to the Lehigh Valley for a month to learn about our culture and business practices. This program is open to Rotarians as well as non-Rotarians so if you know anyone with a desire to learn foreign languages and cultures, please let us know! Participants must be between the ages of 25-40.

International Conference
Each year Rotary International holds a 4 day conference. This event is held all over the world, most recently in Salt Lake City UT, Los Angeles, Birmingham, England and in 2010 it will be in Montreal, Canada.

As you can see, Rotary is definitely not just about Romeos (Really Old Men Eating Out)! We are a diverse group of men and women who come together for fellowship, to serve our local and global community in a wide variety of ways that benefits not only the communities but ourselves as well.