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Fellowship Events
A big part of Rotary is fellowship. Throughout the year members organize various social events both within and outside the Rotary community to promote fellowship, goodwill and a general all round fantastic time!

Joint Thanksgiving Lunch
Local clubs get together the week before Thanksgiving for a wonderful lunch. This allows us to interact with other clubs

Christmas Party
Every Christmas we have an evening Christmas party complete with local high school musicians and wonderful food and beverage

Ski trips, bike rides, baseball games
Rotarians with special interests or skills often organize events around activities they are passionate about and invite fellow Rotarians, friends and families to participate. These are fantastic opportunities for us to get to know each other on a more personal level. Recently we were able to travel together to the United Nations for a special tour. Annually, the U.N. invites all Rotarians for a day in November. Did you know that Rotary International is the largest Non-Governmental Organization within the United Nations?

President Kick Out Party
The Rotary year goes from July 1-June 30th. Each year, a new president is elected and at the end of the year, we have a party to “kick” the old president out. This event has been held at a number of different and interesting locations around the Lehigh Valley including the Velodrome, Moravian College and several delicious local eateries