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A Note to our Speakers:

Thanks so much for agreeing to speak to the Morning Star Rotary Club. You honor us by accepting our invitation to share your experiences, stories, insights and wisdom.

Our members are eager to learn from you, and we offer some guidelines that other speakers have found effective:

∑ Keep the focus on HOW your topic touches people, why itís important, and what we can do to participate/help/communicate in some way about it. Speak to us from the heart and share why you are passionate about the topic.

∑ Plan for a 15-minute presentation, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions from the audience. You will find Morning Star to be very engaging and curious. However, the amount of time may vary based on other club business at the meeting, plus our Cardinal Rule of adjourning promptly at 8:30 to allow our members to meet their professional obligations of the day.

∑ Minimize organizational descriptions, other than how you're trying to address the issue. Nothing kills a presentation faster than company statistics and structure. And please, no political campaigning or direct business solicitation.

∑ Speak to your host about any particular Audio/Visual needs at least a week in advance of your presentation. A digital projector and screen can be set up, but we normally do not provide a laptop computer.

We trust youíll find your day at Rotary to be enjoyable and valuable!